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Oh, and a survey from chiriko...

5 bands people should give a listen:
01. Erasure
02. Haven
03. Placebo
04. Siouxsie
05. Menswe@r
Not my favourite bands, but sure as heck bands that people should give a listen...

5 things that turn you on about people:
01. Intelligence The ability to carry out a conversation that engages me intellectually.
02. Long hair
03. A tendency to corrupt stereotypes - sorry if that makes no sense to anyone
04. Men. In makeup. Yes.
05. A way with words. (Oh, shut up. ~g~)

5 movies you watch all of the time:
01. VG
02. Labyrinth
03. The RSC Midsummer Night's Dream
04. La Reine Margot
05. Don't have another, but the amount of times I play the Izzard videos...

>cut due to my not having a) time and b) a way of playing MP3s<

5 things people should know about you:
01. I don't react well to being teased.
02. I'm not frightening; I'm frightened.
03. When I sit in the furthest corner of the room, it's because I want to sit in the furthest corner of the room; unless I catch your eye, back off.
04. I'm saner than I appear on LJ, apparently. ~g~
05. Don't. Insult. My music. Unless. You can back what you're saying up. With demonstrable evidence. OK?

5 things on your desk right now:
01. My stereo; blue and silver, very pretty.
02. Lots of bits of paper.
03. The cartoons I drew of ciphergoth and friends.
04. Ribena.
05. My phone.

5 things you say the most:
01. "So...yeah, so anyway."
02. "So beautiful..."
03. "Sigh."
04. "It's not fair!" (I'm not Jareth really, am I...~g~)
05. "I want to be in London..."

5 things you do not understand about your own sex:
01. How they can not be attracted to men in makeup.
02. I'm with chiriko here...blonde highlights. No.
03. The conversations they have about how their brother's friend's friend's friend's friend's friend's friend might find them attractive.
04. The fact that they find the above conversations *interesting*.
05. What it is about seeing two of them together that does interesting things to men. (I realise, of course, that I'm a slash writer; but I've no idea why I like that, either, so I think it's fair. ~s~)

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