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"I feel pretty...oh so pretty....I feel pretty, and witty...er....so hey....Iiiiiii pity....any girl who isn't me today..." Hey, I made it rhyme! Hooray!

Wow. New clothes, suitably impressed mother.

Also, new makeup, yesterday : Silver dust eyeshadow from Kolor in "Star", purple, blue and green glittery nail varnish from Collection 2000, and purple iridescent nail varnish from Kolor in "Venus". I am very pleased.

(I don't ever wear nail varnish, by the way - I just like the way it sparkles in the light. ~ggls~

I'm going back to school. I'm so thrilled. I really mean that - I can't wait to get back. Beginning of term is always like this...~is excited~

Anyway, off to read more Eroica fic and sort earrings into pairs. Ahh, the hardships of teenage life.


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