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Mum asked me this weekend what I wanted for my 18th.

...to pass my A levels.
...you and Dad to stop fighting with me.
...80s music to become popular again.
...to reach friend status with ciphergoth and his friends.
...Duran to tour England.
...to break my bet.
...more money. (To pay off the people I made the bet with. ~g~)
...to find someone who's as interested as I am in the same music as I am.
...you not to retire, please, mum, ever.
...to see ciphergoth again.
...to be able to draw, because my writing seems to have deserted me again.
...someone to not only profess to find me attractive, but make me freakin' believe them by doing something about it.[1]
...to belong to somebody. I don't really care to whom.[2]

Please choose the least impossible from this list. Thank you.


[1]Because after all, what exactly *is* the point of saying to someone "I think you're attractive, but I'm not attracted to you"? It doesn't make *sense* - least, not to me. Perhaps I'm just odd.
[2]Well, within reason, obviously. I draw the line at members of parliament.

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