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...which, I assume, it is. ~sigh~ We are not awake. We like it that way; leave us alone. ~s~

Last night I dreamed I was going to Disneyworld with wildeabandon, goth_christine, ciphergoth, countess_sophia and this guy called Tom from my old school, who always seems to turn up in my dreams. We were, however, going there on a flying Dali sofa.
With a built-in kitchen.
But there was some mistake and we ended up crash-landed in San Francisco.
Which was populated entirely with clones of - to save the long list, let's say pretty much everone male on my friends list.
Before it could get weirder, I woke up.

I think this is as a result of my brain trying to wrap itself around someone's clothes - no, really, it makes sense; for a few days now I've been trying to work out what the *hell* they wear, when, and my brain just can't cope. Hence the strange dreams.

Have a good day, everyone. And - thank you!

And babysimon's new pictures are too, too adorable. It appears to be Babysimon Week. ~s~

I love you all...


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