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Still no better, if not made a little worse by someone saying last night "Well, he really seemed to care about you."
I stared at that past tense for ten minutes, then cried myself to sleep.

Still, many thanks to babysimon and giolla, both of whom have gone above and beyond to try to cheer me up - even, in babysimon's case, unintentionally. ~s~

The Texas song I quote below (much to my shame, yes) also has the line "I know you never cared". When I get to the stage where I'm thinking that, it would be humane to kill me.

Oh, and I'm also sorry - this must be getting terribly boring for you. If you want me to keep all this mopage private just say - I won't mind. ~s~


I don't want a lover
I just need a friend...

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