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~raises eyebrow at self~

It is a weekend.
Why do I have nothing better to do than look through the pictures on someone's site going "Who *is* that?"...?
Ah, well.
Who *is* that?

Later : Lord, I'm tragic. But yes...I do recognise the back of your head. ~sigh~ Now I just need to remember what your face looks like...
~falls off chair and collapses in laughter~
You know, up ^there I was just kidding when I said I recognised the back of someone's head.
Turns out I actually *did*.
God, I amuse myself. I can't believe that. (To quote someone from the Five Find-Outers, "I suppose next you'll be telling us what he had in his pockets, too?")
~stares~ So beautiful...
~shakes head~ Bizarre. Tragic. Amusing. Bizarre. ~g~
~tilts head~ But I wouldn't have recognised you there if I hadn't seen you dressed like that in these pictures...
~frowns~ I think I need to see you all again. ~s~ "Only to refresh my memory, guv, honest!"


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