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Two very strange things happened this evening...

1) The audience on Stars In Their Eyes actually voted for the most talented, person-who-sounded-most-like-their-person person. ~s~ I was so shocked and thrilled I sat there applauding...the girl in question was doing Cerys Matthews and I swear I've hardly ever heard a better soundalike. I was expecting the bloody Barbra Streisand to win, because of the audience that show tends to draw, but no! Joy!

2) I was in the sitting room listening to 'Lullaby' by The Cure; I suddenly looked up and there were five spiders crawling across different areas of the ceiling.
Now *that* is frightening. Anyone who knows the song will understand why. ~s~
I hate spiders. ~shudder~

Several things have me smiling just now, not least my current music. Music is such a wonderful thing.

Later : ~falls off chair and rolls around floor in hysterical giggles~
...ciphergoth, you have some very strange friends.

I love you.


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