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I think I might rock...

No, seriously. I just have a talent for names. (Speaking of which, the nicknames are changing in 24 hours, get your guesses in fast. Tee hee.)
Someone throw glitter at me! I can't believe I was right. ~bounces in slightly amazed fashion~

And ~throws glitter of her own~ thank you, coracaskia!

Sheesh. I really can't believe I was right. Who knew? The genius keeps on going. ~giggles lots~

Last night I dreamed that OTL was Indiana Jones. I hope that'll make G and purplerabbits laugh, as I can't really think of anyone less appropriate.

My, my. I astonish myself. Oh and - still no jealousy. I hope no-one else is suffering my jealousy, in a Müller yoghurt advert way.
*ding* Who forgot to take her photo into school with her yesterday? Oh, I think I did! That wouldn't have helped.

~shakes head~ I can't believe I was right. That's just weird.

And G rocks my world. ~cuddles G~ She's wonderful. And she ~cough~ writes well, too. Oh, man, I'm distracted. I wish I could write like that. ~wry smile~ Mind you, I'd never stop...
With the not being able to wait to see OTL again, and stuff. Yah.


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