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Every time I attend choir these days, it seems like we exert so much effort to achieve so little. I mean, for god's sake, we're singing Bach instrumental pieces to "La la la" and "do be do be do"...it's not stunningly inspiring, no matter how you look at it.

So many of you have done what you could to make me feel *so* much better, today. I'm really sorry I was all adolescent at you. ~wry smile~

I'm trying to understand why this whole business of TNSSA in a suit is getting to me the way it is...~tilts head~ I don't understand myself. But it's fun trying!

I feel better.*


*I even feel better because I'm feeling extreme annoyance towards someone of whom I'm normally afraid. Annoyance counteracts the fear. Yay!
I just realised why I knew today would be bad. I'm slow! ~s~ Never mind.

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