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Ah, it's Thursday. *Here* comes this week's down.
I suppose I expected it.

But anyway - forgot to say yesterday, and was much chuffed by this :
We had to give in our French coursework before half term, and we got verbal feedback on it yesterday from our French teacher, who isn't given to compliments, but - she told me I write like a professional journalist! In French, no less...she's the third teacher here to say that to me in the last two years and it really made me feel good.

In other news, I do adore TNSSA. Quite apart from coming up with "We love to give. And if that includes ourselves, then, so much the better." or something similar on Y!M with G last night, she also had a phone conversation with the ABDB which went
TNSSA : So you're on your way over?
ABDB : Yes, I am. It's been ages since I've *seen* you, let alone anything else!
TNSSA : I suppose I do owe you one.
ABDB : I was rather hoping you were going to *give* me one...
TNSSA : Oh, I'm going to give you several. And they'll last for *weeks*.

People everywhere are writing things. It's good, because that tends to help me with writers' block, from which I'm suffering at the moment. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just write a page of whatever comes out, then go back and try to hack it into something vaguely decent...~sigh~
And G - isn't it strange how our minds twist to accommodate a new meaning of "she"? Why isn't it more confusing...~s~ It confuses everyone here, believe me!

I hate Thursdays.


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