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My head is full of happy pictures. I mean, god only knows if they're justified ones, but they're there, and it's pretty.

And the sky outside is *beautiful*.


Later : On the other hand, I'm sick of having pictures just in my *head*, as I was *promised* one or two *real* pictures (oh, yes I was, and I bet I've got the proof somewhere)...
~falls off chair giggling~ Titanic! Titanic! Oh, god! ~helpless laughter~
Anyway : G, what was I thinking? Haven't been reading back through James P. Sullivan's journal! ~more helpless giggles~ Tee hee.
...bugger. ~curiouscuriouscurious~ Nobody ever fucking names anyone. ~g~ Not that I don't understand why, but it's still really annoying. Oh well - I suppose I'm guilty of something similar...~goes off to do more detective workage~ *ding* Right on one count, not sure about the other.
He's too fucking cute. I'm grinning like an idiot.
And TNSSA, I really, really love you. Your priorities rock my world just as you do.
I'll shut up now.

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