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Eh. Another one. Joy.

"Why the heck are you scared of *that*? You're weird, you are. That's just stupid, to be scared of that, I mean, that's *normal*."
-Ritchie, this morning.

Um, excuse me? First I have issues with "that's *normal*", which it bloody isn't in any case. (And yes, before you say it, what *is* normal, anyway?) And I'm really getting sick of feeling stupid for a fear I can't control. And people say "If you're frightened you can talk to me" and then they laugh. And *that* is weird.
I mean, yes. It's stupid to be scared of spiders, I suppose. But lots of people are and so nobody thinks it's particularly strange any more. Jesus! Go and throw one of *them* at the man in the fucking street, see how he deals with it! ~rageragerageragerage~

~deep breaths~ I feel better now. ~sigh~ I wish TNSSA wasn't working right now...could really do with a conversation.



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