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The part of my head that controls dreams...

...was the bit I landed on when I was dropped on my head as a child. I'm sure.

Last night's: At the airport with G and Tasha, waiting to meet coracaskia off a plane for some reason, when Tasha nudges me an points across the forecourt. Leaning up against a pillar is TNSSA, pinstripe suit and all, blowing smoke rings in our direction with a smile.
So we go over, and say hi, and TNSSA is chatting with us - and then Tasha's mobile goes off, and she answers it, blinks, and looks at us and says "Does any of us know anyone called Rod? This phone call is for a 'Rod'..." We all frown and shrug. And then TNSSA says "Actually, that's *my* real name" and takes the phone.



We think possibly not.
Though at least changing it to what it currently is would have been a better move than Derek Dick changing his name to Fish. (/80s reference)

Rod. I am traumatised. And I don't think I can rest until I know exactly what TNSSA's real name *is*. ~s~

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