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Thank you, katyha!

Profession: Student. Not that that implies I actually do any studying.
Height: 6' and taller than most people I know, darn it.
Lucky number: 3, 7, 21.
A smell that makes you pause: Vanilla. Actually it makes me pause and then collapse.
A hobby that occupies your time: Currently, writing fanfic. ~g~
A city you'd like to visit: San Fran again...didn't appreciate it nearly enough when I went.
A country you'd like to explore: Having more than enough fun exploring England. ~s~ I love this country.
Your favorite meal: Any really good Chinese meal is welcome.
A delicious dessert: Crème Brulée is my favourite, apart from almost anything my mum cooks.
A book you highly recommend: Of course you've all read it, but I still have to say Dorian Gray...I've not been that moved by a book in a long time.
The music you prefer while alone: Starsailor, Turin Brakes, Placebo, Haven, Tori Amos, Loreena McKennitt...it tends to be the more introspective stuff that I listen to alone where there's no-one to intrude ideas on it, if you see what I mean.
Your favorite place to sit at home: In front of the computer, or curled up on the sofa downstairs. Which I might be getting in my room! ~bounce~
When you sleep, you wear: Depends. Currently my CATS nightshirt, which I adore.
If you had a safe, in it you would keep: My Duran stuff.
Things you like to buy: Records! Records! Records! And sparkly things. Never enough sparkly things.
If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: Many, many recent albums - Mortiis, Royskopp, etc - and The Duran Game if I could find a copy.
You collect: Records and sparkly things, oddly enough. :-)
You don't have a lot of: Patience. Well, I mean, what am I meant to answer?
Your strangest possession: I've no idea! ~s~ The contents of my fanfic notebook? (Most recently : ACS, the OTL, TNSSA, and several of their friends, playing Truth Or Dare in a barn loft in Texas. ~s~ French was dull.)
Your most prized possessions: My Duran stuff. I assume it means material possessions, so I'm taking it as such.

Much love,

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