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LJ icons, and stuff.

While the 'net was down at school, I got very bored and wound up making more LJ icons. I really, really love making them - there's something damn satisfying about being so un-artistic you can't even draw round your hand and still managing to make LJ icons look half-decent. ~s~
Unfortunately I have nowhere to store them online, so I can't show you them. But I will! Soon! And in the meantime if anyone wants me to make them anything, send it on over. I have nothing better to do.

Question. If you knew someone was frightened of, say, things with six legs, and your friend went up to them and waved a really huge beetle in their face, would you then say that the friend didn't mean to scare them when they complained?
Just curious.

Rejoice for my ACS and TNSSA - they finally got in gear and are now officially Together. Yay! No more anguished looks or secret moonlight trysts! Yay!
TNSSA, by the way, has found a new way to distract me. TNSSA is currently sitting perched on my desk in a very dark blue pinstripe suit, with a cigarette holder.
TNSSA knows me so well. ~bashes head against wall~

By the way -

Take the Concubine Quiz at Scared Ducky!



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