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Kit & The Widow?

Somebody gave my mum a CD (or, for the more romantic of you, ACS gave TNSSA a CD) entitled 'Les Enfants Du Parody' by Kit & The Widow. Today I (or, TNSSA) listened to all of it. We think it's completely hysterical. We are very much impressed.

Has anyone else heard of them? Heard them? Seen them live?
I ask mainly because I've a feeling that most of you - djm4 particularly, and possibly also countess_sophia and nightshade - will like them.
(A sentence which I failed to finish for ten minutes because I got so shaky typing that I forgot what I was trying to say. Hopeless!)

It's like a modern day Flanders & Swann only funnier. Wow.

In other news, somehow the school internet access has been disabled, and the lazy bastards haven't fixed it yet. Don't know when I'll be back online (G is posting this for me - thank you, love) but school email (ew1@roedean.co.uk) seems to still be working - not sure, though. Bastards.

Much love to all - I'm going to have a lovely night in with ACS and TNSSA (why are they so damn angsty?) and worry about my English essay in the morning.



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