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Anyone seen my jealousy?

Actually I think it's at least partly due to making myself think like I think TNSSA thinks (make sense of *that* one). TNSSA has a very rational view of the world - a fun one, but a very rational one, and one in which jealousy doesn't really figure.
But it's very, very strange, because normally I'm an extremely jealous person.
Oh my god. Like my drama teacher said.
Has that gone? Has that jealousy actually gone? Because if it has, the chances of my being able to live the way I'd like to have just improved by a factor of lots.
In the real world, the *actual* NSSA has spoken to me comparatively little. However, as with roleplaying anyone, getting into their personality has an effect on the mind, and getting into TNSSA's has had a *good* effect.
So thank you, TNSSA. Thank you so much.
And thank you G for not minding when I suddenly become other people. ~s~

There's recent things I've surprised myself by not being jealous over. However, much more bizarre is that there's a few things on LJ I used to weep with jealousy over, and I've just reread them, and they only made me smile.*



*Not jealous. Not. Jealous. I don't believe it.
Envious, yes, but not jealous.

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