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I do not write songfic.

I don't write gen, either. Not me, the slashy queen of slash. No.
Nevertheless, was listening to John Foxx's 'The Garden' on the train, and the lyrics really put pictures in my head. I left my notebook downstairs, darn it, but what I can remember WFW is the first section :

//We've been sleeping in the garden
Breath of summer, breath of gold
As we turn against the sweep of hills
The sky's aglow
We fade away...

She shakes her hair out in the flickering sunlight and his breath catches; there's something about the fact that it's the only part of her he's never been allowed to touch. He's wanted to, even if only to bury his face in it and half-taste the vanilla in the conditioner she always uses.
It's trailing across her shoulderblades, and he knows it's making her shiver slightly, because she's so sensitive there. Remembers brushing feathers over her skin, just there, how she looked, how she sounded.


I do, by the way, write sap, so I'm not apologising for *that*.
Um, but I am apologising for *all* of it.
I don't *write* songfic, dammit! And I don't write gen, either! ^That contains my least favourite pronoun ("she") far too much. Sigh.
In other news - with the TNSSA roleplay! Thank you, G! I think I've got the tone of voice pretty well, actually...


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