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A large part of my mind is currently going "Oh, right" at the moment, so please excuse its absence. ~g~

~smiles more~ Hey, blu_dragonfly and darkpooka - thank you! Apologies in advance for the fact that I post too much and all my entries are incomprehensible. ~g~

Speaking of which, TNSSA and the OTL have absolutely *killed* me the past two days. ACS, I know you've been busy, but it's a real shame 'cause I'd have loved you to see it. ~dreamy sigh~

I really want to ask my brain why it's not jealous. But I suppose I should just be grateful, and not meddle. If I'm happy, there's no point in asking why, I should just enjoy it. :-) Oh, I got my gloves back - I left them with G after London - so I now have everything from that weekend with me, which is sad but nice. Especially the photo. ~waves photo~

Going home in an hour...I really don't want to leave.

~tilts head~ Things are good. For many people. This is a good thing.


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