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Today, though, is better. Yay!

G is all fluffy and snuggly today.
Bunny Slippers (who most of you don't know) is talking to me, which is fun.
We listened to the tape of magical songs I made for G and she loved almost all of them just *so* much, which is great.
I worked out why I'm not jealous and, though it's quite an odd reason, it's a valid one, so, good.
We watched Labyrinth this morning. 28th time I've seen it. David Bowie. Mmm.
By the way, what you said the other night is still running round my head like a short film, you know. I'm not complaining, mind. ~giggles~ Just wish you'd told me more, is all.
Oh, and TNSSA has gone out and bought things for ACS's OTL and it's adorable and cute and all the things it shouldn't really be because the OTL would kill me if he knew I'd said he was cute. ~g~

I love you all,


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