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Oh, I'm in trouble.

~g~ Good trouble, though.
"No, I really can't think of anything else to tell you. Oh, except for thisthisthisthisand*this*. Which, you know, is going to have your head spinning all tomorrow."

G and the NSSA *love* distracting me. It does not help when they are joined by ciphergoth. On the other hand...it's all good. ~g~

I just. Images. Yes. ~nods~

Everyone else has been awfully serious these past few days, and here's me with a head full of - to use that quote from ciphergoth once more - "fine wine, fine clothing, and debauched kinky sex". (It's just a useful quote, 'cause for some reason the subject comes up from time to time...) Ah well. At least I'm having a good time. ~g~

Oh, and a

...one I've done before, too, so, sorry. It was a while ago though...

- hair: Long, dark blonde, wavy. Shorter than it was three days ago.
- height: 6'
- figure: Eh. I don't know. I'm just...big. ~shrugs~
- clothing: Black. Black, black, black.
- music: Guess?
- makeup: Generally purple sparkly things, because that's just good.
- body art: No, but I wouldn't mind some. Oh, and what G said today? Um, yeah. 'Cause, none of you know what she said today, but anyway. With the...with the sharp things, and yes, them. ~nods~

right now
- wearing: Black shoes, black tights, black skirt, black shirt with Gretchen from Faust on it, black jacket, gold watch, red-and-green bead bracelet.
- music: 'Evil Angel' by Rufus Wainwright.
- thinking of: ...what am I *not* thinking of? ~g~ ~shrug~ ~waves hands~ Her Ladyship. Of course.
- feeling: Alive, distant, awed, envious, amused, musical.

last thing you...
- bought: Music! Music music music! I have new things! Yay! And Pulp video! Yay! Yay! Yay!
- did: Kissed G goodbye 'cause she went suermarket shopping, and talked to the NSSA who's been having fun with Last Week's Pretty Boy again. Last Week's Pretty Boy is developing quite a thing for the NSSA. It's worrying.
- read: MANICS SLASH last night! ~bounce~
- watched on tv: Delia Smith last night, by accident.

-club or houseparty: I, um. Houseparty. Yeah. Someone find the "off" switch on my brain?
-tea or coffee: Tea! I'm bloody English, that's what I am!
-high achiever or easy-going: Eh. Sort of a high achiever.
-cats or dogs: Cats.
-single or taken: Single.
-pen or pencil: Pen.
-mittens or gloves: Gloves! Darn it, thinking about the NSSA again...get out of my head, go on, give me some peace damn you!
-food or candy: Eh. Both. Whatever. ~s~
-cassette or cd: Vinyl! Pretty, black, shiny, and the covers are bigger, and - *picture discs*! Yay!
-snuff or cigarettes: ~laughs~ Snuff? Really? Perhaps I didn't do this quiz before then...but, cigarettes, not that I'd ever do either, 'cause, just, no. But, cigarettes. Um. Yeah.
-coke or pepsi: Either. CAFFEINE. Mmm.
-matches or a lighter: Both scare me.
-sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: ROFL This is out of date...Smallville! Yay!
-rikki lake or oprah winfrey: Ricki.

who do you want to...
- kill: Can't think of anyone right now. This is a good thing.
- hear from: ciphergoth, though I think that's obvious. ~s~
- look like: countess_sophia.
- be like: And again. ~s~

- food: Chinese is good. Chinese is always good.
- drink: Coke!
- color: Black, purple, electric blue.
- album: Of all time probably Duran's first album...
- shoes: These shoes. They're nice, and they have sentimental value now, too. Heh.
- site: Here will do nicely, thank you.
- song: Couldn't say of all time, but at the moment both "The Garden" by John Foxx and "I've Never Met A Nice South African" by Spitting Image are warring for supremacy. ~g~
- vegetable: Potatoes. They're so versatile.
- fruit: Green apples. And once again, with the Englishness.

the last...
- last movie you saw: Lord Of The Rings.
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Yep.
- last phone number you called: Home.
- last thing you had to drink: Hot Ribena! I'm such a kid. But it's *cold*...
- last thing you ate: White chocolate! ~bounce bounce bounce~
- last time you showered: Yesterday.
- last time you cried: Yesterday.
- last time you smiled: Earlier.
- last time you laughed: A few minutes ago, talking to the NSSA about chocolate collars. ~shakes head~ Ladies and gentlemen, the NSSA is officially insane. But still wonderful.
- last person you hugged: G.
- last person you kissed: G.
- last thing you said: "Go on, go and bloody melt someone else for a change, would you?"
- last person you talked to online: ciphergoth, to the detriment of my mental health.
- last thing you smelled: White chocolate!

do you...
- smoke: No.
- do drugs: No.
- sleep with stuffed animals: Depends. ~s~
- have a crush: Oh, yes. (Crush : Someone who I find ridiculously attractive but haven't talked to much/at all.)
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No.
- have a dream that keeps coming back: A dream theme, yes.
- play an instrument: Yes.
- believe there is life on other planets: No.
- read the newspaper: Very very rarely.
- have any gay or lesbian friends: Yes.
- believe in miracles: No.
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: Define "faithful".
- consider yourself tolerant of others: Not really, no. ~g~



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