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We have a new member!

Or, er, something. No idea what we're calling this one, yet - oh, no, wait, I do : Gulliver - but I really do think he and the NSSA are going to get on very well indeed.
I just distracted *myself*.
*And* G!
You have *so many* attractive friends. This is just getting silly.
Oh. *Oh*. With the...with the Gulliver, and the Last Week's Pretty Boy?
.......and the NSSA?
............~long silence~ The NSSA is in the process of disappearing one of my most time-honoured squicks. I think I owe the NSSA a bouquet of freesias, or something.
Tee hee. G's just pointed out that we might manage to spellbind *ACS* with this one. Tee hee. Serve him right. ~G falls around laughing~
And Batman and the NSSA are getting on pretty well, too. Oh, god, which is *seriously* going to do strange things to ACS. Oh god oh god oh god, that's too amusing...
Why does the NSSA get all the fun?
Oh, no, wait, I can answer that.
Poor Amazing Bouncing Duracell Bunny. He's really lost out to Last Week's Pretty Boy recently. I'm going to have to come up with something to make it up to him...
Or they could just have a bitchfight, which would make me laugh. ~g~ No, G's taking the ABDB's side, so I guess I'll have to do something after all....
....oh. *Oh*. The NSSA just asked if I've thought of *giving* the ABDB Last Week's Pretty Boy for a few days.
That could be interesting. He'll have *kittens*.
"......" I keep looking at pictures of Gulliver and picturing him with the NSSA and it's just...it's...what's the word I'm looking for? ~giggles~ It's like a Mills & Boon Historical Romance, is what it is. Tee hee.
Anyway. I'll shut up now. I'm sorry - can I help it if your friends put pictures in my head?


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