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Nobody wanted to wake up this morning...

"Clark, get up." ...."Hang on, Clark, *wake* up, first." ~Clark says nothing and curls further around Lex~ "Oh, god, okay, just *please* don't dream..."

TNSSA and ACS were just as bad...
"Are you ready to wake up yet?"
"No." ~falls asleep again directly on top of ACS~

And then there was me, who didn't wake properly until *eight*, which is just wrong. Mind you I didn't sleep until two, because the NSSA was being all sleepy-demanding and it was too beautiful not to watch. And ACS was just being ACS, and that was impossible to take my eyes from..."It's ok, beautiful, I've got you...you need something in your mouth, don't you, love..." I died. I really did.

I rose this morning like the walking dead, went downstairs to find I had a parcel! I wasn't expecting anything, and I opened it in puzzlement. It was from Rebecca, my beloved ex and quasi-best-friend-whom-I-never-speak-to-but-that's-just-because-we're-never-in-the-same-place-at-the-same-time - she's sent me Withnail & I on video, because she's been trying to get me to watch the damn thing for a year and a half! And a packet of magic stars. Bex...I love you so much. Thank you. You made my day, along with the news about Britain's wonderfully organised Marines. Tee hee.

I have the most wonderful friends in the world.

One of whom has meant that I'll be giggling whilst taking the train today, and looking round to see if anyone's handcuffed to the seats or anything. Public transport! ~falls off chair laughing~ Oh, dear...

ANYway. Mwah!


And yay! I have a new journal to read through and be distracted by! And I should be doing things! But I'm not! I'm reading back through someone else's journal! Joy...~giggles~
Because, with the fluffiness? And the cuteness? And, darn it, the oh-so-supportive-ACS, but you know, I can deal with that. I can! I'm genuinely not jealous, but that's because I Know Things. Mmm. ~g~ I'm not making *any* sense. But that's no change from usual.
And Batman is just cool. ~bows to Batman~ You can't spell, but that hasn't really lessened my respect for you, you still rock. And anyone on whom ACS has a crush just has to be cool. Heh.
...and with the. ~shakes head~ Yeah. I really should stop reading this now. ~looks over shoulder~ See, I really wish they wouldn't do that. Every time I get an idea in my head, they're only too eager to show me what it would actually look like. I should be taping things. Yes. TNSSA, if I find out you got that from our kitchen I'm not going to be happy. But wait! You wouldn't, because you're TNSSA. Sigh.
I'll stop editing this in a minute. But, with the comments from friends of Chris's that I wasn't expecting?
Of all the people I do NOT want becoming a character in my head, I think unattractive members of the royal family are definitely up there at the top somewhere.

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