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Blast! Foiled again!

Oh, too cute...~cuddles the small fuzzy creature~ Thank you, you made my day!

Anyway, you got me...~hands up~ I give. ~g~

Watched last week's Smallville last night. Sally's cousin was on it - I've never seen such bad acting! But still, with the...with the "I don't want you or your family hurt"...yay! Lex+Clark for always, please. ~sigh~ But it was not to be...

Oh, and Never Mind The Buzzcocks - with IAN LOSTPROPHETS on it! ~bounce bounce bounce~ He sat in the Attractive Man chair, as well. And didn't say anything, but was really pretty anyway.

AND I get that picture in my journal again. My life is complete!

So....the Small Fuzzy Creature, the Amazing Bouncing Duracell Bunny, ACS, his One True Love and his Secret Affair...god, these names are getting more and more bizarre...oh, and I forgot This Week's Pretty Boy...although he's last week's really, but y'know...oh, and Bunny Slippers, but he's a different story.
~g~ I really love my mind, y'know.


"See the light, enter the light, become the light and shine....like the star you know you are!"

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