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Burning questions...

...headed up by "Who's it for?" and closely followed by "Could you just clarify that whole paragraph please?" and "OK, I *don't* get this one, what do you *mean*?". Next in line is "Why is Enrique *still* number one?" Then "What *is* your real name, though?". And then the ones to which the answer is 42.

They're all questions I desperately want answers to. And I can't ask them. And they're driving me up the wall. And it's fun. ~g~

I made it through supper without making my mum ask me if I'd at last been reading Jostein Gaarder, though.
("No, mum, this one's spelled with a 'y'..." ~grins @ G~ I like it. I know you know I like it. But I *like* it. Oh, and you wait until you hear what ACS's One True Love had to say on the phone this morning...~thunk~)

Er...don't mind me. No, really.

And in no way was I bouncing around the house going "We talked! For ten minutes! Yay! We talked! For ten minutes! Yay!" when my Nan arrived. No. Of course not. ~g~



PS Oh for god's sake! Did a Google search for "Serophia", which is a song I'm desperately trying to find the origins of, and got all that and that really helpful question right there. No, I did *not* mean to. But thanks for further absenting my coherence this evening...
~g~ It's a conspiracy! Who cares? It's fun!

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