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Oh, god...~cracks up~

Could you, like, not? 'Cause, I have to have supper with my Nan tonight, and I need at least some of my brain working, and what with you and what my characters have been doing in my head all day and those blasted LJ entries and...stuff, dammit...

Oh, my god, I'm so so so so so distracted...

And, blast! I meant to reply to her and I forgot...G, remind me when you get back! 'Tis most discourteous of me...

But then, I can forgive myself, because I'm *so* distracted. ~g~ I'm also reminded of a HP fanfic I read once where Draco's just talking at Harry and he says something utterly bizarre and Harry looks up at him and says "How can you just come out and say things like that?" which is much how I feel at the moment.

Oh, goodnight. ~g~


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