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Dear oh dear...

This conversation is getting way out of hand...~giggles~

Anyway...sleep is calling, and as G well knows that means ACS and his Secret Affair, about which I am very enthusiastic en ce moment, because they're far too pretty together...

I'll make sense tomorrow, I promise. I finished three tapes today! A really good tape of love songs, which I'm most happy with, and a kind of revenge-of-the-guitars tape, which is great fun and my GOD did I mention that I really *love* "Incommunicado" by Marillion? Because I do. And - damn my memory. Marillion. Heh. Anyway. - and a tape of really, really daft songs. Highlights include The Lone Ranger by Quantum Jump, The Spam Song, The Chicken Song, neil's version of Hole In My Shoe and David Bowie's The Laughing Gnome. Joy! I love my G...

Goodnight all, especially nightshade and friends, and kisses and get-well-soon to ciphergoth, and cuddles and love to thechaosdiva, and glittery good things to the rest of you.



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