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Morning, all.

It's my birthday! In June! ~ggls~ For some reason I got up thinking "good to be alive"...probably because I spent the night as Sirius. I've often said it's wonderful thing to be Nick and wake up with John in the morning...but it's certainly equally wonderful to drift awake in the middle of the night, smile, pull your heart's love closer into your arms, and drift back off to sleep.

(And I really need some pictures of The Cure which say who's who...)

They have such a wonderful relationship; the only characters *more* meant-for-each-other canonwise are probably Duncan and Methos...or Harry and Draco, looking at it from the opposite angle. Javelin and Silk, of course, but most of that was ~taps side of head~ in here, rather than actually in the books.

Go and join hpslash. Go back and read every fic ever posted. (Should take you about a month.) Most of them are good; some of them are not; a very few are complete take-your-breath-away stunning.

Well...I think it's better that I'm happy, than if I were to be the raging polyhedron I would currently like to be...ah well.


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