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My beloved mmmdraco provided me with...

zodiac sign?
Gemini, and how.

now on to the good stuff...

are you...
gay, bisexual, straight, confused, "open-minded", "liberated", or asexual?

dominant (kneel to the master) or submissive (spank me daddy)?
~cracks up~ Who wrote this?? Oh well...I think there's a little of both in everyone, and certainly there is in me.
~giggles~ Yeah, dad...anyway...

sadistic (do you like to cause other people pain)?

masochistic (do you like to receive pain)?

sadomasochistic (do you like to cause yourself pain)?
~blinks~ Is that the tb definition of sadomasochism? I never knew that...so, eh, yes.

Do you like fetishes and all sorts of naughty stuff?
"naughty", they call it? Actually I don't have that many, which is odd...but there you go.

bondage (being tied, tying up people)?
I have to admit at the moment I'm not all that enthusiastic about the idea...~g~ Convince me.

Mmm. Bite me. I hate biting people, though, 'cause, just, no.

massages? if so, where?
Did I miss something? What's so strange about *that* idea? But, yes. I'm hopeless at them, though. Sorry. ~s~

Eh...because I used to be a very violent person, I tend to like the *idea* of hurting people but I can't allow myself to think about actually doing it.
For me, though, oh yes...~g~

It's an interesting thought.
Oh, come on, Em, it's more than that. ~laughs~ ANYway...

~laughs lots~ I spend my whole life doing that!

chocolate syrup?
Eeeeee. No. Oh no. Besides, it's Lent.

Similar to the bondage problem...it's just something of which the thought freaks me out.
Then again, recent photographs...heh. I'm upright, really I am.

hot wax?
Almost certainly.

~blinks~ Huh?

With the confusion, and the blank looks, again...

MUSIC! Oh god yes.
Er, that wasn't what you meant, was it?

I don't wear it well. But my god, I like it on others.

whipped cream?
Foodstuffs belong in the fridge. No. No.
(No, G, not even for those two.)


Yes. I mean, who doesn't like them? They're pretty.

Makes me laugh so much you wouldn't believe.


ice cubes?
Yes oh yes.

boot worship?
No. And I don't understand it, but then, there arre lots of things I don't get.
In fact, can anyone explain it at all?

oral fixation?
~tilts head~ You know, I really don't know about this. Anyone who's known me for a long time will know I have real trouble over things like this.
I don't understand *myself* over this one. Heh.

~nods~ Yes...very probably.

Eh. Mulder. ~g~ Don't get it and...given the nature of the freakouts I've been having lately, just...no thanks.

Is not for me, although I can understand it.

Oh, god, yes.
One or two of you will know that there's now a very specific person distracting me. Eek. ~shakes head~ Go away, images.

"Corsets are good." - and I quote. ~g~

do you have any other fetishes you would like to add?
~laughs~ No. Nothing to declare, officer. Really. Honest. Oh! I can quote again, yay! "Fine wine, fine clothes, and debauched kinky sex..." There we go. Thank you, ciphergoth

have a favorite obsession?
I think I just mentioned both of them...~g~
But seriously. Favourite obsession? Music and gay men.

what kind of build do you like (scrawny, cut, round)?
Guys who look like girls, girls who look like guys. Heh.

chest size?
I beg your pardon?

"other" sizes?

favorite body parts?
Cheekbones. Hair. Shoulders. No, really.

younger or older?
Older. ~g~ Well, duh.

shorter or taller?
It's difficult to *find* taller...

long or short hair?
Long. Mmm. Long. ~faints~

any specific hair and eye colors you like?
Black hair always floors me, as does white blond. I don't notice eye colour.

do you like them to make the first move or you?
Well, I'd never make a move on someone. So, whatever.

do you like them in makeup?
YES. How emphatic can I make this? Men. In. Makeup. ~melts~

anything you like to see them wear (corsets, leather pants, skirts, dog collars, birthday suits)?
...how long have you got? ~g~
Everyone has certain things that make them look ridiculously good. So. Yes. Moving on.

anything that really turns you off (clothing, yogurt, potatoes)?
~laughs~ Having raved about guys in makeup, when it doesn't suit them it's really bad. Oh, whatever. I don't know.

any other comments? anything you want to say?
I'm really, really sorry about this survey? I'm just a survey addict, me. Sorry!


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