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Hey, I did something right for once. Yay me!
And every one of my characters who was around last night was far, far too cute. No, really. ~g~ Lex and Clark. Oh, so cute. And those two that I was writing about on Wednesday? Oh, ~melt~...waking up a little, sharing a couple of lazy kisses, falling asleep again....oh, god, so beautiful. Miaow. ~cough~ And then the other two, the pretty picture from yesterday afternoon...just...cute. ~g~
My life is so strange.

And oh my god, the catering staff here really don't have enough to do. To add to the notice about the variable types of cheese available, and the one about the overspill from the chocolate machine, they've now sent round to every house a printed out list of Ten Fascinating Fruit And Vegetable Facts. ~g~

And can I just say that I love asrana? Thank you. Because I do.


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