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This is a letter Rhysenn wrote Draco writing to Harry...it makes more sense with the rest of the story (to be found here) but...I loved it, especially the end.

** *** **


I hope the Firebolt arrived in one piece - I've also returned your clothes. Maybe you can give the red raincoat I left in your room to your charming cousin as a souvenir.
Together with this letter you'll find an envelope. Inside, there's a piece of silver, crafted into the shape of a candle. It's a Portkey. It'll bring you straight into my room at Malfoy Manor.
I'm sure you're wondering why I'm giving you this, or why you should even believe that this Portkey will bring you to my room, and not somewhere else you don't want to be. Truthfully, you don't have any reason to. But you trusted me enough to take your Firebolt. So maybe you'll trust me again, this once more
The Portkey will remain Charmed for twenty-four hours, after which it'll lose its magic. Then I suppose you can keep it as a memory of something that will never happen again, like a candle made of silver, which will never burn.

I'll be waiting, but not forever.   </b>D.</b>

** *** **

Oh, and you are so right - he *does* have a mullet! I noticed that yesterday...tee hee.


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