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And another...

> Full Name: Emily Hannah Woolf
> Birth date: 19/06/84
> Location: Right here, captain.
> Your zodiac sign: Gemini and it shows.
> Nicknames: Em, Ems, Khel, DurAnorak.
> Eye Color: Blue-grey-green.
> Height: 6'.
> Hair Color:Dark blonde.
> The Crush Side
> Do you have a crush: Yes.
> Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No.
> Would you ever go out with the person that sent this to you? I think it would be a bad idea, though I would do almost anything to make the people I love happy.
> Have you ever said I Love You to your crush? Which one? Doubt it.
> When u first meet someone u notice? Their hair and their sexuality.
> Who was your first crush: Owen Mellor at school when I was four or five.
> Have you ever been in love: Yes.
> Would you give your virginity to your crush? "Here, have a birthday present, Ash"...uh...actually...since crushes tend to be more of a that-sort-of-thing for me, I'm more likely to lose it to someone I have a crush on than someone I love. But, um, no.
> Have You Ever ..
> Loved someone so much it made you cry? God, yes.
> Done Drugs? No.
> Gone all the way? "All the way to Reno....la la la....you're gonna be a staaaaaaarrr...." Um, no.
> Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Yes. Hotel rooms in America get boring.
> Ever been on stage? Yes.
> Dumped someone? Yes.
> Gotten in a Car Accident? Nearly, but not quite.
> Watched Punky Brewster? No.
> Hiked up a mountain? Hardly.
> Stayed home on a Saturday night just because? I always stay home on Saturday nights!
> Been in love? Yes.
> Seen the Eiffel tower? Yes!
> Favorites:
> Shampoo: Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy. (I'm going to change this soon and see if anyone notices...)
> Toothpaste: Macleans.
> Type of soup: Chicken noodle. I'm just a Jew at heart. ~snerk~
> Movie: Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, The Wedding Singer, RSC MSD.
> Type of sandwich: Anything without mayonnaise.
> TV show: Never Mind The Buzzcocks, TOTP2.
> Condiment? People have favourite condiments?? Oh, god.
> Coffee or cocoa? Cocoa.
> Hot or cold? Cold.
> One pillow or two? Two.
> Lace or satin? .......um. Satin? Lace is good too. Satin with lace at the edges.
> Red or blue? Blue.
> New or old? Old.
> Dawsons or party of 5? Dawson's.
> Here or there? Everywhere.
> Jeans or cords? Neither.
> Sweater or sweatshirt? Jumper.
> Pencil or pen? Pen.
> T-shirt or tank top? T-shirt.
> Stripes or solids? Pardon?
> Wool or cotton? Cotton.
> Rose or Lily? Rose.
> Chocolate milk or plain? Plain.
> Celsius or Fahrenheit? Fahrenheit when it's hot, Celsius when it's cold.
> Spring or fall? Spring.
> Friends
> Do you have a best friend? Not really.
> Who do you hang out with the most? Myself.
> Who do you email the most? Gail, I expect.
> Who have you known the longest out of your friends? Sara.
> Who's the shyest? Don't know.
> Who do you go to for advice? Gail, Tash, Tasha, May...
> Who do u go to to talk about guys/girls? Tasha or May.
> Who knows all of your secrets? Not even me.
> Whose parents are the best? Tash's mum is fantastic.
> In The Last 24 Hours, Have You...
> Cried: Yes.
> Laughed:Yes.
> Made someone laugh? Depends if Gail laughs reading these.
> Helped someone: Yes.
> Bought something? No.
> Cut you hair? No.
> Worn a tie? No.
> Been kissed? By my mum.
> Felt stupid? Yes.
> Said I love you? Yes.
> Written a real letter? No.
> Written on paper? Yes.
> Taken a test? No.
> Met someone new? No.
> Written in a journal? Yes.
> Watched your favorite movie? No.
> Given someone a present? No.
> Had a serious talk? Kinda.
> Missed someone? Yes.
> Hugged someone? Yes.
> Fought with your parents? No.
> Fought with a friend? No.


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