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Yay! And, er, not so yay.

My writing...er...went down...well...~g~ Yay! ~pats them both on the head~ You two are inspirational to write about...mwah, and, quite possibly, mwah.

"Do you fuck as sweetly as you talk, my darling?"
"Twice as sweet and much, much slower."

~bg~ I'm so proud. They talk *nice*. Just not *often enough*. Say some words dammit...please? ~flutter flutter~ Anyway.

I wish to goodness I could carry the story on, but unfortunately, I've been hit by my usual problem - I actually have no idea, logistically, what happens next. *Damn* I need to watch some guys have sex...for purely educational purposes of course...I just can't write about it if I can't see it, and I can't see it because I never have seen it, and...you so don't need to hear this, right? Sorry. ~g~

Anyway. So, yay! Also, people have been really sweet today - Tasha gave me her glow-in-the-dark ranibow bracelet to cheer me up, and stuff.

Eh. If it wasn't Wednesday and one of my best friends wasn't suddenly off down the bulimia path again...~sigh~ It's so hard to know what to do for her. She detests the house staff - all the staff, actually - and doesn't trust any of them, won't talk to any of us about it, shuts herself in her room and screams at anyone if they go in, and then acts like nothing's happened. She's affecting the whole of her corridor, too - someone I care about very much has almost stopped eating entirely, unless someone comments on it, at which point she'll eat lots and lots of the same thing to prove that she's still eating.

~waves hands~ I feel really fucking helpless when there's things like this going on. Sigh.


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