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Someone's triggered the "You are pretty. You are also pretty. You two should be having fun, or, at the very least, sex." button in my head, and I'm really scared by who it is. ~s~
God, how do I convince him that he's not straight? ~looks at notebook and pen~ ~looks at the guy~ ~looks at the other guy~ But...but...how can you *not* find him attractive? He just *is*.
~sigh~ It's going to be a long day...I hate Wednesdays...


Later : Oh, hell, no! God, how annoying...~sigh~ G, that canon/big gun thing is really causing trouble. ~stares at the mess she's created and sighs~ So he's not....and he wouldn't...which would, I suppose, leave her free to...but then he lives...and she has to...but then there's last night...but then *he*'ll get really upset...oh...oh...bother.
You boring bastard. Why can't you do who we want you to do? Darn. ~starts unpicking story threads~
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