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God, I had a couple of bizarre dreams last night. Not that this surprises me, as G will tell you I am the queen of bizarre dreams, but still.
The first one was set here, at the end of the year, and instead of a summer ball we were having a performance put on by the Andrew Jackson Acrobats, who were, um, led by Jack Fairy and her Ladyship, which was pretty damn weird anyway. ~shakes head~ They set up this huge marquee in the front quad, and it was all really exciting, and needless to say I really wanted to see them, but then someone came and told me that because I was bisexual, I wasn't allowed to go, and I had to sit in the KH kitchens and make cinnamon cookies instead.
Eh. What up with my brain? And the second one was weirder...I was part of a strange 1950s-magazine-style family, and we were escaping from a concentration camp in America...it was horrible. Yeesh. Anyway.

And, my god, only women replied to that post yesterday. I'm so amused. G, you're so right, we so have to. "Now everyone...repeat after me..." ~shakes head~

G - They had a great time last night, by the way. ~g~ Pretty pictures. At some point I'll try and write it. ~waves notebook~ I'm just having serious pronoun difficulty at the moment! ~giggles lots~ I don't know...it's all too strange...~g~


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