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~falls off chair laughing~

Oh, I love it when someone I really really have a huge crush on does something that makes me shudder! They lose points! ROFL Like G's brother with his bad taste in music...
Oh, I am truly horrified. Yay! ~helpless giggling~

Apologies. Last entry, I promise. ~more giggling~


Later : I promised this would be my last entry, so I've got to put this here. As I was listening to a conversation two of my characters were having earlier, one of them said
"That's just how it is with this business. If something's wrong, they tell all their other partners, but they never tell you."

~shakes head~ It was such a weird thing for them to say, as well...they're normally so positive about it...
Mind you, they'll have changed their tune in the morning, judging by what they seem to be planning tonight. ~g~ ~gets out pen and paper~ Oh, this is just so much fun...

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