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I am so in need of That 70s Show fanfic...

...so my life is probably not as fraught with complicated issues as the rest of you. Sorry!

That boy is too pretty to exist...

Rather unfortunately, all the sites I can come up with are blocked by the school. Which is extremely irritating. And oh my god, ff.net is blocked now, too! ~rage rage rage~ This is hugely unfair.

~giggles~ I've got a Yahoo! ad that just came up saying "Why settle for lipstick made for the masses?" and it's making me blush, and giggle. Oh, dear. There is no hope.

I'm awfully lonely tonight. Ah well. I expect this situation is not going to improve, so I ought to get used to it.


Later : I suppose I'm just in one of those moods again, something one or two people might want to bear in mind if they're inclined to post comments - or even if they're not. ~s~ At least my language hasn't degenerated into a third-rate Brontë parody this time...~g~

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