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Internet wouldn't let me on for ages. Gah.

I am completely Harry-Pottered-out. ~g~ I have been just about every human character in the books over the past couple of days, and while it's great fun, it's *so tiring*...Sirius is exhausting enough, but when you've got to cope with the emotional washing-machine spin-cycle that is Draco Malfoy as well...~sigh~

I'm quite tired.

I'm also a little unhappy, though I don't know quite why. I very very much want to call you, but I don't think I'll be able to because I'm far too frightened. I'd like to call asrana, but she's in London listening to my mum singing. No - really.

~sigh~ I feel like I'm in a relationship, though I know I'm not.

Fucking internet. ~generally annoyed noise~ Always end up like this.

Ah, well.


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