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Now, let me see...

Things to do today :

1) Get driven back to school
2) Get sympathy from friends and staff
3) Do nothing in front of Sky
4) Sleep

~g~ Being *really* ill sucks. Being still fairly ill but awake enough to enjoy the privileges? Can't beat it.

Oh, but wait - I have something else to do, first -

Thank you Thank you Thank you ~praise praise worship worship adore revere love~



And the *other* e-mail I got this morning had my second-favourite spam heading ever (after the one about the woman's husband's prize cock, of course) -
"Is your 'Nest Egg' starting crack?"

I'm not sure that's quite what they meant. ~g~ They really need a proof reader for those things...

Back to school it is, then, finally.


....~worship, worship, adore, etc, etc~...

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