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I've got to go back to school today. Even if I didn't have to, I'd want to, because from tomorrow it'd be just dad and me in the house, and he's been a total bastard the whole time. ~shakes head~ I don't understand him. I just don't understand. I'm his *daughter* for god's sake. I don't always like him that much, but if he got ill like this I'd cook for him and stuff - have done before - and I wouldn't stand by his bed and tell him he was putting it on...

Enough bitterness - I'm ok, and I have to look after Chris, and that's all that matters.

Oh, yes, and, Pete Burns on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night - oh, my...get him and Lily Savage and Boy George on the same show and you'd have to carry me out in a bucket...~g~ All very strange and wonderful.


Everyone please join me in a rousing chorus of
"He loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
He loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
He loves you (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...)"

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