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Oy. ~head in hands~

Saturday : fall around Brighton.
Sunday : can't actually get out of bed.
Monday : Yay! I collapsed! Twice! Go me!

Chris now has it worse than me, so I'm trying to look after him (never forget look on father's face as he opens door to find us both in same bed) but I still feel extremely bad.

Hate to think what it is - seems to be worse than the virus that went round school...

Oy. Oy. Ow. ~s~

There's something about little, random things people do or say that makes me smile more than, say, something really earth-shaking. (Hence Gemma once noticing I had new shoes has stuck with me more than a lot of things she said when we were friends.) I don't understand it, but I'm glad of it. ~hugs self~

Love you all,


Don't ask.

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