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Like I said, people keep feeding my addiction...

About 20 years ago... (1982)
1. Yazoo were doing pretty well in the charts
2. Save A Prayer was released
3. Tears For Fears prepared to hit the big time
4. A Flock Of Seagulls had an interesting image change

About 10 years ago... (1992)
1. I went to Edinburgh for the second time
2. I went to San Francisco
3. I was a violent, unpredictable eight-year-old
4. My best friend ditched me because it wasn't cool to be friends with girls, and I learned what love was

About 5 years ago... (1997)
1. I came to Roedean
2. I was a violent, unpredictable thirteen-year-old
3. I learned that keys don't make good things to cut yourself with
4. I learned what friendship meant

About 2 years ago... (2000)
1. My best friend died
2. I was beginning to be more stable, I think
3. G and I had some interesting conversations
4. The builders finally finished my mum's music room and I had somewhere to sing - oh, and so did she ~s~

About 1 year ago... (2001)
1. I started LJ (it was about a year ago, yah)
2. I was very, very happy, and wearing bizarre makeup every day
3. I was in love with Vered
4. I was failing Philosophy

1. I love a lot of people. And I can finally see it as a good thing.
2. I feel more isolated than ever from the people around me
3. I'm beginning to understand what self-confidence is, and how to separate it from boasting
4. I'm unhappy.

Hmm. "Today" is mixed.

Actual *actual* today - like, *now* - is great. ~s~


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