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Well, an interesting end to today...

...it's not every night your parents tell you you're perverted, now is it? (Well, maybe it is for some of you. I wouldn't know. ~s~) So now I'm not only labelled perverted by some random guy (Mr. Noxious, or whatever his name was,) but by my own parents as well!

Heigh ho.

Also...I'm...uh...torn. ~sigh~ 'Cause...there's...him. And then...there's...him. And even though I haven't got a chance with either of them, to be honest (I'm respectively competing with a receptionist and some margerine - yes, really) I'm still sort of agonising over which one I feel more for, which of them the feelings are more 'real' about...I don't know.

On the bright side, I have a gold cat, which improves matters no end.


Oh, outspan! I've got to do more recording with Mr. I-know-the-history-of-China-and-you-know-what-I-learned-it-cause-I-was-genuinely-interested tomorrow.

~sigh~ Wish Rebecca would call...

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