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Heh. Wonderful.

Me, to my brain, last night : Now, you've got a long day tomorrow, best you try and get some sleep.

Last night :

10:00 House Meeting
10:30 Phone G
10:45 Fall asleep because G is talking to Aunt
11:00 Am woken up by G who is trying to keep me awake, bless her
11:30 Phoned by ciphergoth
12:30 Get off phone and write vituperative, if rather good, poetry
01:00 Decide am not going to sleep for a bit, so attempt to write English essay through tears
01:30 Give up and try to sleep through RPing - first time it has totally failed in years
02:00 Give *that* up and start recording Velvet Goldmine ST for Nadia
03:00 Finish. Look at watch. Blink. Curse. Will brain to be tired. Brain says it is tired, but it wants to think some more
03:15 Brain comes up with such a fucking disturbing thought that I lie in bed thinking about it and shaking for twenty minutes
03:35 Get up, put Erasure tape on, will it to send me to sleep
04:00 Finally fall asleep to "When I Needed You". Irony only hits me at
07:00 When I wake up to face the day.

So. Rargh.


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