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Oh yeah *and*...(sorry, I forgot)

Thanks, asrana!

i see: my computer screen with rainbow stars on the corners, a photo of my mum, the back of my Smash Hits 1985 annual.
i need: a drink and to talk to asrana.
i find: myself less and less able to be in the same room as my dad without fighting with him.
i want: Draco and Harry to get together in the last book of the series.
i have: cuddly beanie puppies named after writers and poets!
i wish: I was interested in something else.
i love: being able to be other people.
i hate: my father. Love him too, but definitely hate him.
i miss: school, asrana, the years when my parents loved me, Ritchie.
i fear: that I have been online for too long this morning.
i feel: okay.
i hear: computer noise and Joe Jackson in my head.
i smell: my room.
i crave: coke! And a phonecall.
i search: using Altavista - at least I *did*, but they're not there any more! Dammit.
i wonder: why asrana answered this one with what is almost a Radiohead song. I also wonder what exactly John wants his tattoo to signify.
i regret: saying the words again.

when was the last time you....
smiled? A couple of minutes ago.
laughed? Watching Izzard this morning. "Have you heard, on the stock market? Rock's gone up three points! No, it hasn't, has it, 'cause it's fucking rock!"
cried? Yesterday.
bought something? Saturday afternoon. Pretty necklace, bracelet, tinkly earrings (still looking for those acorn ones though), Vampire : The Masquerade and a choose-your-own-adventure book. Tee hee.
danced? Yesterday, but I'm going to go and do it again in a minute.
were sarcastic? This morning, about the Bitca from Hell, otherwise known as the head of ICT at school.
kissed someone? Mum, last night. Apart from that...uh...*real*, like *serious* kiss? 20th May, wasn't it?
talked to an ex? Day we got back from Disneyworld.
watched your favourite movie? Not sure what it is at the moment.
had a nightmare? Can't remember - not because it wasn't recent, I just can't.

a last time for everything....
last book you read: :-O Same one as asrana! ROFL
last movie you saw: Hedwig And The Angry Inch, oh yes.
last song you heard: ~thinks~ "Take Me Home", Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
last thing you had to drink: Ribena.
last time you showered:This morning.
last thing you ate: Chocolate. ~s~

do you....
smoke? No.
do drugs? No.
have sex? No, although I think "Do you have sex?" is a pretty weirdly phrased question anyway.
sleep with stuffed animals? Not at the moment - J&N are elsewhere.
live in the moment? "Luke, Luke, the force is really quite strong with you." "Is it? Well, who told you that?" "Uh...some bloke." "Oh. How strong, exactly?" "As strong as a small pony." My other answer, which makes slightly more sense, is - yes, if the moment's some time in 1981.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No?
have a dream that keeps coming back? No.
play an instrument? Voice and piano to a certain extent.
believe there is life on other planets? Not sure.
remeber your first love? Oh, yes.
still love him/her? If it was Owen Mellor, no. If it was Jamie Wakefield, yes.
read the newspaper? Rarely.
have any gay or lesbian friends? Several.
believe in miracles? Not really.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? No.
consider yourself tolerant of others? Given that I once said "I don't speak to stupid people", probably not. ~g~
consider love a mistake? No.
like the taste of alcohol? No, or I'd drink it.
have a favourite candy? Lindor!
believe in astrology? Only for navigation.
believe in magic? Yes.
believe in God? No.
pray? Very rarely.
go to church? Not if I can help it, I hate churches.
have any secrets? A few.
have any pets? Cuddly poet puppies!
do well in school? Sort of.
go to or plan to go to college? Fuck knows, at the moment, and he ain't tellin'.
have a major? ~falls off chair laughing~ Does Geoff count? He was a Major....~helpless giggles~
talk to strangers who instant message you? Sometimes, though I wish I could stop them.
wear hats? Occasionally.
have any piercings? One in each ear.
have any tattoos? No. (John, what *is* it all about?)
hate yourself? Sometimes.
have an obsession? Several.
have a secret crush? Uhm...I don't think I actually have a crush on anyone who doesn't know that I have a crush on them....oh. Except Adam. Oh, and Ashlin! ~blush~ The more I think about her, the more I really, really want to take her out for romantic candlelit dinners on floating restaurants and stuff. Which is really weird, 'cause she's a tomboy who likes basketball. *Oh* well - ho hum.
collect anything? Records, postcards, useless music knowledge.
have a best friend? Not as such.
wish on stars? Sometimes, even though I know it doesn't work.
like your handwriting? Yes.
have any bad habits? Yes!
care about looks? I don't know many people who really don't.
boy/girlfriend's looks? Eh?
believe in witches? Yes! (Or Hermione'd hex me.)
believe in Satan? Met him. Decent bloke.
believe in ghosts? Yes.


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