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Rargh. And stuff.

Rargh #1 : I hate *hatehatehate* the songs we're doing in choir this term. If it wasn't for the promise of the Rig Veda and Sound The Trumpet, I'd seriously consider quitting. Gah.

Rargh #2 : Tomorrow I have to pay for train tickets to get myself up to London with our French classes to be talked at by chief examiners for hours. Of course, being Roedean girls we may well just bunk off after the first lecture, but nevertheless it's something I'd really rather not do. And if we do duck out of the rest of the day, all I'll end up doing is going to Camden and moping.

Rargh #3 : I cannot, cannot, *cannot* stop getting sudden flashes of "EEK". This would be ok if I could talk to someone sensible about it, but I can't, because...

Rargh #4 : ...I'm also having real difficulty understanding people at the moment - it's not usual for me, and I don't like it one bit. Every time I think I've worked out what makes them tick - or whatever it is they do - they do something that makes me go "Huh?!" But then, I guess that's why I like them so.

Rargh #5 : I am a cat. I am curious. VERY curious. This is not good for cats.

On the other hand, there's something that I often find happening to myself, and...I think...~grabs hold of wood~...I *think*...it might be happening again.
This would be a Very Very Very Good Thing.
Hope for me? Even though you've no idea what it is? ~s~


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