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Strangely accurate about some things - hello, first paragraph - but still, seems oddly like a reassure-self-of-own-importance answer...
Also, there are too many of these ... for me to take it too seriously. I mean, I know I use them, but, like, that's my point. ~g~

I'm feeling so messed up at the moment. Oh well. Anyway -

You are longing for some love and affection at this time ... not that you have been deprived of tender loving care ... but there are times when everyone needs to try something new or to go "somewhere" else to perhaps experience that little extra "understanding" ...

Which ever way you turn - you feel that you are being utterly thwarted. There is considerable conflict in the air... but you will stick to your beliefs and not be deterred in endeavouring to attain your objectives.

You need a friend - a close friend ... and you are willing to become emotionally involved with the right person, but you are very demanding and particular in your choice of partners. You are constantly looking for reassurance .. and it is perhaps because of this that you tend to be some-what argumentative, but you try to hold back - careful to avoid open conflict since this might reduce your chances of prospects of realising your hopes of establishing a warm caring relationship.

You are presently experiencing excessive stress as a result of self-restraint. You act and think differently from the common herd and you want to be liked and admired for yourself and to associate with people who feel and act as you do...Because of this need to be self-reliant and to break away from mediocrity, you are finding this situation most uncomfortable and you are experiencing considerable anxiety ... perhaps even more than you feel the capacity to cope with. You need to find a "soul mate". Someone whose standards are as high as your own. But where? Keep on searching... The situation is uncomfortable and you would like to break away from it, but you refuse to compromise with your opinions. You are unable to resolve the situation because you are continually postponing the making of necessary decisions. You are stubborn... but this is no deterrent to a happy life ...So why drop your standards ... Think positively ... everything will work out.. It has worked out successfully for you in the past ... and it will again in the future.

By trying to cope with conditions which you think are beyond your capabilities has led to considerable anxiety and stress... You now feel that you are not capable to cope with the situation and indeed any situation which could arise from what you consider to be your personal inadequacy.


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