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Good morning, world!

Yes...we're upbeat today...mainly because we know we're not going to be in the same house as dad for much of the day, and also, of course, because we know something Rebecca doesn't actually *know*, even if she suspects.
Tee hee.
Although given that we've just told her we fell for her brother, we don't know how happy she's going to be with us. (Yes, he's a sight younger than us. When did that ever stop anyone?)

Spent last night as varying Harry Potter characters, the height of weirdness being when Harry got shipped over to the Malfoys' house as a birthday present for Draco from Dumbledore - no, I wasn't even dreaming, this is out of my head- and Lucius was about to blast him and Draco came downstairs in a kimono, for god's sake, and stopped his father from hurting Harry, and told his father that he wanted a go at Harry first, so his father went all "Ahahaha, you're becoming a good son, ahahaha" and let him go.
And then Harry told Draco that Dumbledore'd sent him but he didn't know why, and then Dumbledore appeared out of thin air and said that Harry was a present to Draco because Draco was lonely, and then vanished again. And Harry looked at Draco with a simply *wonderful* expression of "yeah, right" on his face, and Draco blushed and admitted that he *was* lonely, and that just before Harry had turned up and caused a commotion in the front hall, he'd been crying.
Now, excuse me, but if this was a story I was beta-ing, I'd have OOC alarm bells going off in my head. But anyway.
Harry asked him why he had been crying, and Draco turned round and shrugged the kimono off his shoulders, revealing several red stripes that could only have been caused by a whip - and fairly recently, too.
And then it got even weirder as Draco said "Actually, even wearing this silk over them is hurting them - do you mind if I lose the robe?" and Harry said "Sure, this evening could hardly get any weirder, could it?" and Draco said "wait til you see the boxer shorts", lost the robe and revealed black silk boxers with little Golden Snitches printed all over them.

It was at about this point that I switched back to Sirius.

ANYway, that was that, and it was all weird. But it made me giggle.

By the way, if anyone's looking for a way into HP slash but doesn't know who to start with, it's a very good idea to start with Aileitheya, or Ailei for short. I'm not sure if her stuff is actually archived anywhere except on HPslash, but it is brilliant without exception. Wish I knew how to contact her.

I don't really have anything more to say...so I'm going to go and try to phone asrana in a minute.

Oh, and...Lestat? You are the weakest link - Goodbye.


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