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Thanks, asrana!

Name: Emily
Age: 17
Where do you live?: Bishopstone
Where do you WANT to live?: Possibly London, but...Bishopstone's good, all the same.
What grade are you in?: No idea. Last year of secondary school.
Tell me, is high school REALLY the best years of your life?: I hope not. Though the current days are some of them. ~smile~


If a genie could grant you one wish, what would it be?: Eh...~sigh~ I don't want to say this, but...more money.
If you were on a deserted island what would you bring?: Assuming food and drink were dealt with, I'd bring my stereo and as much music as I could take, a notebook and a pen.
If you had to throw away one of those things from the list above?: Eh...some of the records? Heh.


What kind of music do you like?: 80s, mid-90s glamour indie, and modern trance/electro stuff.
What is your favorite song?: I don't have one. Or, rather, I have too many.
What is a must-see-music-video-or-I-will-scream video?: LOL G, Wild Boys, surely?! Eh...I'd say...'Tainted Love' by Marilyn Manson, 'cause it's hysterically funny.
Who's your favorite band?: Duran. Erasure. Etc.
Is it Hanson?: LOL No. And G, I'm going to remedy that, as, true to form, I have their one decent song and it's going on tape for you.
Who is your favorite singer? Andy Bell is pretty damn good, yes, G. Also Marc Almond, Marc Bolan, Bryan Ferry, etc.
Do you support bands like OTOWN who were "made"? O-Town are *appalling*, so, no. If they were manufactured and yet managed to be good, I'd support them all the way.
Do you own a Britney Spears CD?: Not yet. Planning to get the most recent one, or at least tape it off Young Gee.
Which do you prefer? Eh. There are good songs on all of them.
NSYNC or BSB?: Ai, hard decision. Probably BSB, but I do like *NSync.
Hanson or the Moffatts? (that's DOUBLE T people): Hanson. At least they're attractive.
Jessica Simpson or Willa Ford?: ~frowns~ Who's Willa Ford??
Mp3 players or CD players? Record players. Heh.
Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit? Eesh. Musically, Linkin Park, but some of Limp Bizkit's songs do wonderful things for me.
Where do you think Christina Aguilera went?: Final stages of hormone therapy?
Do you find it amusing when little boys sing country?: That's a reference I recognise, I think...the kid in question was painful to listen to, so, no.
Have you ever heard the Catepiller Crawl?: Nope.
What do you think of Aaron Carter?: Not as cute as his older brother, who's not *quite* as cute as Danny DeVito. ~shudder~ Hate. Hatehatehate Aaron Carter. Sorry, Stephen.
Do you have any friends who like the Moffatts?: LOL Cassie?
Do you watch S Club 7 in Hollywood?: I've seen it a couple of times by accident. It's surprisingly bearable.


How many days could you go without a bath?: Two, if I had to.
Would you give up on chocolate and soda if it would make you look better?: I haven't. No.
Do you care about weight? Eh...should I?
If you could have ANY haircolor, what would it be?: I've always loved my hair, so I don't think I'd change it. But I wish I had a complexion which would allow me to dye it black. Black hair. Mmm.
What are the prettiest colored eyes?: There's no prettiest colour of eyes, only prettiest eyes...and I know who's got those...~s~


What do you think of Canada?: Never been. Looks...snowy. ~g~
What do you think of England?: Beautiful, wonderful, and my home.
What do you think of the USA?: Where in the USA? I've always enjoyed my time there. (You *have* to go to Chicago!)


What ever happened to...?:
Devon Sawa: Wait a minute...I lost him after 'Stan', I know he was in some teen horror flick recently...gah...I don't know.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas: I've no idea what happened to him! I hope he's ok.
Ben Savage: Who?
Rider Strong: Who?


Do you watch a lot of TV?: Probably. Mainly music, though.
What is your favorite show?: NMTB, TOTP2, AQOP and yes, Smallville.
Who is your favorite actor? ORLI ORLI ORLI! LOL
Actress?: Mandana Jones....~thunk~
Your favorite movie would be...? Eh. VG, Hedwig, FOTR, Labyrinth.


Where can you get the best clothes?: Anywhere, if you look hard enough.
What color looks best on you?: Blacks and purples - at least, I hope they do! ~g~


Color or colour? Colour.
Favorite or favourite?: Favourite.
French fries or fish and chips: But...but they're...different things...~confused~
Have you ever once been caught saying GIRL POWER?: Er, no.
If so, were you wearing 12 inch British platforms?: My god, think what 12" platforms would do to my height...er....think not.

~Do you type really fast? Yeah.
~Does it annoy people who are around you (like in the library)? No, they're just impressed. ~preen preen~
~Do you/did you like high school? ...help, I'm in England. Do they mean where I am now? ~g~ Yes. No. And so on.
~Do you know anyone who has the same birthday as you? Absolutely *nobody*...it's bothered me for years...~g~
~What’s your horoscope today? "Today, you will have an unreasonably good day, catching brief moments of conversation with two of the most important people in your life, and will draw amusing cartoons and write poetry. Lucky slogan : Kiss The Cook." I've no idea. ~g~
~Favorite pen color: Black, black, black.
~What word do you constantly misspell when typing? Alwyas. ~g~
~Do you have trees in your yard? Yep. A few.
~Name one comedian that everyone thinks is funny but you absolutely cannot stand: STEVE FREAKIN' COOGAN. Ach, I HATE that man.
~Name one director you hate and tell why: LOL Sir Peter Hall, but I bet that's not what you meant. I hate him as a person, not a director.
~Do you like Tim Burton? Who? I should know who he is...but I don't.
~What annoys you more than anything? Personal injustice.
~Tell me about the weirdest pair of socks you own: I don't own any weird socks. And I don't feel any less of a human being for admitting that.
~If you woke up tomorrow morning as the opposite sex, what would you do first? Get the hell out of Roedean, for a start...
~Did you read fear street books? No, but Point Horrors and the like.
~How about sweet valley high? Eeeee, no way.
~Babysitter’s club? YES! And I watched the show and fancied the ra-ra skirts off Stacey. Ahem.
~Goosebumps? Yep.
~Favorite show on nickelodeon (can be from the late 80’s/early 90’s when nick was good): ~thinks~
There's a game show of a silly, silly kind on Nick in America, or at least there was two years ago, so it's probably gone now. I can't remember what it's called, but one of the fairly regular panellists was this adorable guy called Danny, and I *loved* him to *pieces*.
So. Yeah. That. ~g~
~Did you watch "Are you afraid of the dark?" ~waves British flag~
~Did Zeebo the clown scare you? ~and again, I suppose~
~Where do you vacation every summer? All over the place. Wherever mum's working.
~Do you like the beach? Nononononono.
~Do you tan or burn easily? No.
~Do you make up your own words and lingo? Not much. Sometimes.
~Do you eat lots of TV dinners? Dinner in front of TV, yes. TV dinner, no.
~Favorite hot pocket flavor: Time to wave the Brit flag again?
~If you could make one celebrity magically disappear, who would it be? Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!
~How is life treating you? Pretty damn good. ~hugs friends~
~Do people like you? Er...some people do, and some don't. Duh.
~What do you think it is that makes the "popular" people popular? Here, it's that they go to a lot of parties and wear five inches of slap and meet future Baronets and stuff.
~What do you wear the most: Long skirts and t-shirts.
~Are you using a pc or mac? PC.
~Do you like chunky peanut butter? No oh no.
~What amazes you about the opposite sex? ....that they can be so beautiful, far more so than women. And not know it, sometimes. "You'd look good in eyeliner!" "Huh?" Tee hee.
~Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms. OK, OK, I'm a kid, I'm a kid...
~Name a movie that makes you cry: ROFL Casper. No other film ever has, really.
~What’s something you like about the opposite sex, physically, that your friends think is odd? LOL Men in makeup, of course.
~Is it true that only the good die young? No.
~If so, are you going to live forever or die soon? LOL Live forever. Mwahahahahahaha.
~Do you live for today? No, I live for twenty-one years ago. ~g~
~How fast can you run? Pretty fast over a short distance. After that, no way.
~Favorite band from the 60's/70's: Eh...Roxy and Sparks.
~Have any of your friends had kids as teenagers? Not yet. I'm waiting for it to happen though.
~Did they finish high school? ...help? Probably?
~Favorite 80's television show: Eh...can I use Club X or something? ~ggls~ I've no idea.
~Were you even born in the 80's? ~sigh~ Yes. When Frankie were number one with Two Tribes.
~What year? 84. Duh.
~Have you ever taught a little kid a curse word? No! I wouldn't.
~If so which one was it? ---
~Do you think little boys are horrendously ill behaved? Not usually as badly as little girls. Eeeee. Kids. Yick.
~Have you ever thrown anything at a moving car? No...why would you? (Unless you're Supergrass's drummer of course...)
~Name a villain in a movie that scared you when you were a kid: OMG I can't believe you said that, G! He scared the fuck out of me, I'd forgotten completely!
Also the owl in Rupert Bear - the one with the Frog Chorus. No. Really. I mean it.
~Have you seen the original Friday the thirteenth? No.
~The original chucky? HELL no. I hate horror films.
~The original Halloween? No...
~What’s your favorite channel? MTV2. ~g~ Only place I can catch Orgy, The Hives, Suede, Goldfrapp and Cabaret Voltaire on the same channel.
~What do you say when you stub your toe off of the corner of the coffee table? ....wait a minute. "Off of"?? I'm not even answering that.
~What’s the highest thing you've ever jumped off of and landed unharmed? No idea. Not particularly high.
~Does it snow where you live? Rarely.
~If yes, do you go sled riding? Used to, when it did.
~Have you ever used anything weird, like a frisbee or a trashcan lid, for a sled? LOL No...how would you fit a kid on a frisbee??
~How many people do you know who were born in November? OMG I've no idea.
~What month has the most people you know born in it? June. Me, my grandfather, Emma, my godfather, Dom, Mill, Boy George, Nick and John. ~s~
~Do holidays make you festive? Incredibly.
~Magazines you subscribe to: Elle, Vogue and NME. But my parents pay. Heh.
~Do you read the supermarket tabloids? Not unless the catering staff leave them lying around.
~Have you ever smashed somebody's Halloween pumpkin? Why would you?
~Ever had yours smashed? No.
~Do you celebrate Christmas? To the nth degree.
~If not, do you still watch "how the grinch stole Christmas" when it comes on television? Dr. Seuss scares me no matter what you do with it.
~Do you think the grinch movie starring Jim Carey was a waste of money? Ditto.
~Ever had a hot teacher? LOL Yeah.
If yes, did you flirt with him/her? Not as much as Annabel! Tee hee.
~How do you treat people you are attracted to? Um, I tell them, and then get bullied and ostracised. Usually.
~What do you want for your birthday this year? A big 80s party with Valeriun as DJ. It could happen. 's my 18th, my parents are prepared to do something special. Failing that...I'd settle for another trip to London. ~small smile~
~Have you ever egged somebody's house? I'm so sure they only do this in America.
~Has someone ever egged yours? Ditto.
~Do we all go a little mad sometimes? Yep.
~What pisses you off more than anything in the world? Being patronised, or not being believed. Also - sampling. No, really. ~g~
~Do you still go trick or treating? Occasionally. Depends where I am and who I'm with.
~Do you believe in Santa Claus? No.
~Have you ever worked in a supermarket? No.
~How about a restaurant? No.
~If yes, do you agree with me when I say that those are the two worst establishments to work in? No.
~What color is your bedspread? The one here's black. Yes, I know.
~Do your eyes change colors? Yes.
~Do you believe that we walked on the moon? Yes.
~What’s your opinion of the u.s. retaliation in Afghanistan? I don't know enough about it to comment.
~Do you live by yourself? Yes, even when I'm with my parents.
~Have you ever gotten a computer virus? No.
~If so, what was it and how did you get rid of it? ---
~Describe your junior high/middle school gym teacher: HELP! *Which* of my schools is this?!
~How do you react when someone is talking to you --up in your face-- and they have really bad breath? LOL I just try to wind up the conversation fast. Yeah, G, I don't do personal space invasion well either.
~What was your first date like? ~s~ Pretty good. It was only from there that it went downhill like a runaway bobsled.
~Did you go/are you going to the prom? Er. No? Only person without date, blah blah blah any volunteers? blah blah blah. ~g~
~If you've already gone, was it good or bad?
~Do you get uneasy when you see a person of a different color than you walking down the same street as you in the middle of the night? It doesn't happen to me often, because I live in the countryside, so I'd *definitely* get worried if *anyone* was walking near me.
~If yes, do you think that makes you racist? If you only got nervous because they were a different colour? Yes, absolutely.
~Are you a vegetarian? No.
~How about vegan? Hell, no.
~If no to both, do you think you could be? No way.
~Have you ever given up a certain type of food? Only for Lent. ~s~
~Spit out a random song lyric for me. Make sure you tell me the name of the song and who sings it: "Just a kiss, just a kiss, I have lived just for this...I can't explain why I've become Miss Chatelaine...Just a smile, just a smile, hold me captive just a while...I can't explain why I've become Miss Chatelaine..."
-'Miss Chatelaine' by k.d.lang.
~Name one person who annoys you more than anyone else, and tell why: Annabel. She's just my worst enemy.
~What movie could you watch a million times and never get tired of? Velvet Goldmine.
~What movie have you watched a million times, and you still laugh at the jokes? The Holy Grail. Duh. ~g~ And at VG I still laugh at the in-jokes.
~What movie do you hope you never see again? The Di Capri-Sun Romeo & Juliet.
~Have you ever hugged a stuffed animal or pillow and pretended that it was your significant other, or someone you had a crush on, and then someone caught you talking to it, and stroking its soft, fuzzy fur, and laughed at you and told the whole school? ROFLMFAO Eh...not yet. ~g~
~Do you drive? No.
~If so, do you like to drive at night or in the daytime? ---
~Has anyone ever called you a bitch? Oh, god, yes.
~Has anyone ever called you an asshole? No. And I hope they never will, unless I'm playing Brad in an even-more-crossdressing Rocky Horror.
~Are you a bitch/asshole? I'm one hell of a bitch, yes.
~What’s the first thing you do when you get home from school/work? Check LJ. ~s~
~Favorite pop tart flavor: It's all good!
~Do you play any musical instruments? Piano, flute (badly) and I sing.
~Tell me about the best school-related activity you ever took part in: Eh...Shakespearathon? Here, anyway. Back at St. Bede's you could have named anything.
~Have you ever built a snowman? Many.
~Did you cry when it melted, or when the kid next door knocked its head off with a shovel? When I was very young, yes.
~What’s your religion? Agnostic Judaism. ~g~
~Do you try to force it on other people? With a description like that? No...heh.
~Do you knock on people's doors at 7 a.m. on Saturdays, trying to give them a pamphlet and tell them about the lord, or ask random people at the mall if they've been saved, yet you think that doesn't count as forcing religion, you son of a bitch? LOL The JhWs come round every two weeks and give me their magazines...I think they think they've got a convert.
~What’s the best restaurant you've ever eaten at? Somewhere in New York, can't remember its name though.
~Have you ever been flipping channels late at night and caught a glimpse of some porn on Cinemax? ROFL Not on Cinemax, as you say.
~If so, did you watch it? [don't say no, I know you did:] If I run across porn I tend to watch it in baffled amusement for a while, yah.
~What’s the code word or phrase you and your friends use for the word SEX? ROFL How old are we? Actually, that's not fair of me, since I've only been able to say that aloud for a couple of years now. Heh.
~Is sex an uncomfortable topic for you? Less and less so. Don't laugh...I was so inhibited before, it was horrible.
~What is the one thing in the world that just looking at it makes you vomit, or come close to it? I can't even type the word or I'll feel ill.
~When other people vomit, does it make you sick? Makes me feel ill, yeah.
~Do your clothes match? Black with black! Yes.
~What are you wearing right now? Black with black, indeed. And my suede jacket because...~hugs self~
~Did you ever have those fisher price roller skates that go over top of your shoes? LOL No...
~Did you have a bike with a banana seat? No
~Could you ride it? ---
~Have you lived in the same house your entire life? Almost.
~What’s the weirdest thing you've lived next to? My neighbours. Trust me.
~Who is the ugliest person you've ever seen? Phsyically ugly, probably Charlie Lamping, but she was a very beautiful person, so...~shrug~
~Do you watch talk shows? Hardly ever.
~Do you think Miss Cleo is full of shit? Who?
~If not, have you called her and wasted your money, you idiot? ---
~What are your thoughts on keeping animals in captivity? I've seen the best and worst of zoos...at the best, I have no objection at all. At the worst, they shouldn't have been allowed to bring animals there in the first place.
Which reminds me, does anyone know if there's an official name for whatever it is that makes larger mammals - big cats and bears, mainly - walk the same path by the glass of their enclosure backwards and forwards over and over again?
~What do you think of all the "superstores" that are popping up everywhere? Gah. Ugly. Horrible.
~What do you think of pop music? I love it. I live on it. Even the bad stuff. ~s~
~Tell me something I don't know: ...I've sat here for ages thinking about this. Anything I say, one of you will know! I'll get back to you.


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