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Well, my morning started out so badly that I had to delete my first journal entry 'cause it was just...too depressing. Then I went and fell down the stairs, which doesn't sound great but has had the simply wonderful effect of getting me put off games...not that I would have gone anyway, but I actually have a legitimate excuse this time!
Then Sara talked to me for a while. I doubt any of you apart from G will ever know her, but if you ever run across a Sara James in Kenya or Miami, give her a big hug and thank her for all she's done for me over the last five years.
Then the video for Incubus's song 'Pardon Me' came up on MTV2. I'm not a great fan of Incubus, but Brandon is so *very* lovely in that video, and of course he does invent a word - "combustication" - so that cheered me up even more.
Then I started doing character pages for my cartoons, as suggested by G last night when I was complaining that I'd run out of ideas, and they're all turning out really well. Tee hee. They're complimentary, I promise.

So, on the whole, things are better. Somewhat. Hopefully I can sort things out with my parents this weekend and things will be further improved. (Wish me luck...)

~tilts head~ What do you do when you find yourself wanting to hug someone you've barely met, over something that happened to them before you even knew of their existence, when you don't even know what it was? ~g~
You write yourself into your own cartoon strip, I suppose...

Love you all.


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